When big brand providers are down, Jetwave carries you through.

The most reliable phone + internet provider for
businesses that can’t afford downtime.
Ideal for businesses with 1-500 employees.

  • 100% reliability
  • Better rates
  • Minute-by-minute system monitoring

24/7 US live support

Speak to a certified US
technician in 3 minutes or less
and get problems resolved

Feature-rich systems

Set up intricate automated menus & call forwarding, view call data, message + video-call team members, make calls on the go via the app and more. All in one click.

99.99% uptime

Stay connected with backup systems + temporary solutions — even during local power outages or natural disasters.

The superpower phone + internet service provider you can absolutely rely on — through hurricanes, outages, or Black Friday mega sales.

30-50% savings

Slash costs with a cost-effective system custom-created for your business needs.

1-step set-up

Switch providers with minimal involvement. We deal with your old provider. Install when you want us to. And get you up and running in under 2 weeks.

Robust, all-in-one system

Integrate a full set of advanced features. So you can easily automate communications. Increase team efficiency. And scale as you grow.

See features
  • Auto Attendant Answering
  • Set up a telephone number to dial directly to an Auto Attendant. Callers are then presented with predefined options via the Auto Attendant Feature.
  • Live Person Answering
  • Set up a telephone number to ring a specific extension first, or a group to enable sequential or simultaneous rings. This enables your company to have a live person answer the caller and not an auto attendant.
  • 2, 3, or 4 (or More) Digit Extension Dialing
  • Your Jet Wave Hosted PBX can support 2, 3, 4 or more digit extension dialing
  • Caller ID
  • Customize the appearance of your outgoing Caller ID by outgoing number or by extension
  • Voicemail
  • Associate a voicemail box with an extension or use an announce-only voicemail box to provide customers with a pre-recorded message when they choose an option on an auto attendant or extension.
  • Enables multiple extensions to be joined as a group, and then calls may be routed sequentially or simultaneously to that group.
  • Voicemail to Email
  • After a voicemail is received, the Jet Wave PBX will send an email to any valid email account or alias that you enter into the Jet Wave Portal. The message will include the date and time of the call, as well as the duration, caller ID if provided, the mailbox number, and an attached WAV file that can be played on your PC or mobile device (i.e., smartphone or PDA capable of playing WAV files).
  • Voicemail to Text Message
  • Don’t have a smartphone or PDA capable of playing WAV files? Enter an SMS address in the Jet Wave Portal and the Jet Wave PBX will send a shorter text message to your device. 3rd party text messaging rates may apply.
  • Ring Groups
  • Find Me (Jet Wave Digital Assistant)
  • Set up a personal assistant to “find you” at up to five (5) locations. This feature is configured per extension and offers an extensive number of options to route calls once they have reached the given extension. Callers are asked to “announce themselves” and are offered the option between locations to try the next location or to leave a message.
  • Call Hold
  • Place calls on hold and

Zero downtime

Your system is backed by our super-network of 37 carriers, 20 data centers worldwide, 3 different switch platforms, and 24/7 monitoring and security.

One personal rep

Never get trapped in an automated system, or bounced around from one rep to another. Deal with the same manager each time — who knows you, your company, and your system.

Powerful + user-friendly app

Easy-to-use desktop & mobile app lets you communicate from anywhere. Change settings in one click. Message or video-call team members. And more.

Simple enough for tech-challenged employees. Powerful enough for super-users.
Save on a customized system for your business.

Traditional landline phone systems
VoIP, SIP and internet-based phone systems
Internet, data and cloud services
30-day free trial
Test-try your new system free. No credit card required.
Not sure which service you need? Want to bundle and save?
Chat now with our Business Analyst to find the most cost-effective solution for your business.
Don’t risk losing business or wasting team time.
Get a robust, feature-rich and absolutely dependable system — and 24/7 instant US support.
So whatever happens, your phone and internet run glitch-free.
“I lost a lot of customers with other carriers because of lost or dropped calls — and painful, slow issue resolution. With Jetwave, everything works. When I ring the phone, they answer — and they give me the answer I need first time round.
My customers love that their rates don’t change; they actually pay what was quoted with no hidden fees.”
Sol Weiss
CEO, Advantech Solutions

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